Tasks of the Ombudspersons for Good Research Practice

The two local Ombudspersons for Safeguarding Good Reserach Practice were appointed by the KIT Senate as persons of trust for all members and affiliates of KIT. The ombudspersons advise on questions regarding good research practice and suspected scientific misconduct. They are also entrusted with the task of conducting preliminary proceedings in suspected cases of scientific misconduct in accordance with Section 21 of the Statutes for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice at KIT.

The Ombudspersons for Safeguarding Good Reserach Practice are appointed as persons of trust and are independent of instructions, i.e. they are not subject to the authority of superiors from KIT in their ombudsman work and can act independently and autonomously. During their term of office, they are therefore not allowed to be a member of a central management body of KIT. This enables the ombudspersons to adopt the principles of a fair and confidential procedure in the investigation of scientific misconduct.

The procedure in the event of non-compliance with good scientific practice is described in detail in Part II of the Statutes (starting p. 18).


Ombudsperson for Good Scientific Practice (Campus South)

Prof. Dr. Marlis Hochbruck
Institute for Applied and Numerical Mathematics/ Head of research group Numerical Analysis

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Ombudsperson for Good Scientific Practice (Campus North)

Prof. Dr. Frank Simon
Institute for Data Processing and Electronics/ Head of institute

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