Teaching Good Scientific Practice

The KIT Statutes for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice (Statutes GWP) obligate all scientific employees at KIT to communicate "the fundamentals of good research work at the earliest possible stage in academic teaching and research training" (Art. 2 KIT Statutes GWP). This corresponds to the Mission statement for studies and teaching at KIT (only avaliable in German): The strategy of research-oriented teaching (only avaliable in German) aims at enabling students to perform independent scientific work. The compulsory curricula of all KIT study programs are designed according to this basic principle.

For university teachers, this is associated with a double challenge: On the one hand, they - like every other scientifically active member of KIT - have the duty to "regularly update their knowledge about the standards of good scientific practice and the current state of the art" (Art. 2 KIT Statutes GWP). On the other hand, they have to prepare these standards didactically in order to use them profitably in their own courses.

The following KIT institutions support lecturers in teaching good scientific practice:

  • The project HelpBW (only avaliable in German), in which KIT institutions work together with other partners, offers so-called Open Educational Resources (OER) on topics of good scientific practice. These teaching materials may be reused and modified according to the needs for your own courses.
  • The Central Repository for Open Educational Resources (ZOERR) (only avaliable in German) makes OER from Baden-Württemberg available across all institutions; here, too, you will find a lot of content to ensure good research practice, which can be reused for your own courses.
  • Special teaching materials on good research practice - also for your own continuing education - can be found on the pages of the German Research Ombudsman.

The Baden-Württemberg Centre for Teaching and Learning (HDZ) offers didactic training for teachers.

Technical and organizational support for the design of your courses can be found